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With fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and English, KIMMA specializes in helping manufacturers, contracted producers, and patent owners increase their exports to markets in emerging economies, as well as established markets such as the EU, and the UAE.

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About Us

Mission Statement: Merging Markets Around the Globe

We are a specialized trade & consulting company offering services to meet the needs of emerging as well as leading economies. We offer professional services with specialized knowledge and experience of Latin America, the EU and the Middle East by establishing distribution channels over the world, including Minneapolis, Miami, San Diego, Mexico City, Belgium, and now as far afield as Dubai. Our clients are from both the manufacturing and well as the distribution side: US commercial and investment companies, small manufacturers, and patent-owners. We travel extensively to your desired targeted region to bring you the very best institutions, clientele, and potential candidates to establish the most viable distribution channels as well as partnerships.

How do we differentiate from our competitors?

Price - Providing flexibility through a variety of contract options for the required services, we work around the needs of your company, depending on your short as well as your long-term goals. Always willing to negotiate based on the range of those goals, our first priority is finding the most affordable price for the services and the time frame needed

Added Value - Free 1-hour consultation, and assistance of up to 2 hours to reach out to State and Federal Resources available to your specific industry

Convenience - With non-traditional hours of operation, we are available to answer calls, attend conferences or meetings around the clock. In response to the time zone differences between the US and the intended market, our customers, as well as their respective partners and distributors, can benefit from having direct access to our KIMMA team by phone, WhatsApp, Skype or e-mail, on a regular non-traditional basis

The collaborative efforts/culture of KIMMA


Our family business background, as well as an understanding which we developed later in life, has made us aware of the effects repressive economic policies can have on already impoverished economies. One dimension of the restrictive element of economic policies we have encountered is the bias against supporting small businesses. Even in the face of that prejudice, which encouraged us to launch Kinesis for Markets Merging in America in 2012, we have continued to pursue that commitment to securing the success of other small businesses.


As a way both to expand our knowledge and promote innovative forms of US intervention in Latin America and other regions, one of our members was appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce, as a Minnesota District Export Council Member assigned "to contribute leadership and business experience in support of the Nation's joint industry/government export expansion effort.” We have a personal commitment to helping other businesses overcome the debilitating effects that some policies have in sustaining the existence, and promoting the growth of small companies.



With a strong background in trade policy, business development, and finance, we provide around-the-clock assistance to control imports and exports processes, as well as trade compliance consulting, export classification, registration, determining jurisdiction, voluntary disclosures, policies and procedures, among other services. We also represent companies’ products at various Trade Shows and Trade Missions in countries where small businesses may not have explored yet, such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and the UAE.


  • Elaborate International Market Assessment Reports
  • Product Registration Assistance
  • Policy and procedure creation
  • Implementation of internal control
  • Compliance program drafting and implementation
  • Establish Distribution Channels using MercoSur, NAFTA, CAFTA, and other commercial trading regions
  • Develop, Cultivate, and Expand Client Relationships
  • Broaden Referral Sources
  • Determine Pricing Strategies
  • Research and Develop Appropriate Business Practices & Methods of Operation
  • Certificate of Origin Completion for NAFTA
  • Manufacturing & Operation Guidance
  • Guidance to access State and Federally-funded early-stage capital through subsidies and programs for US-based companies

Cristina Domogma
CEO / Trade & Development Specialist, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
With a dual BA in International Relations and Spanish Literature, as well as a Master’s Degree in Trade, Development & Investment, her passion to continue assisting companies in their efforts to expand their markets to other economies is motivated by a personal commitment to securing business’ success. Her ultimate goal is to apply her academic and professional experience to develop better strategies to enter markets in emerging as well as leading economies for small business owners. With a Binational upbringing, and Pre/Post-NAFTA Trade Experience at the US-Mexico border of Tijuana & San Diego, she aspires to continue to work with federal and state instruments such as the US Department of Commerce, the Minnesota Export District Council, and the Minnesota Trade Office, to improve the success of US companies while attempting to enter foreign regions. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, her educational background, work exposure with government agencies, as well as post-graduate experience, provide a unique set of skills that are available to our clients in search of export growth.

Supply Chain Coordinator, Buenos Aires, Argentina
After obtaining a degree in International Business from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), he completed post-graduate training in Integral Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Asociación Argentina de Logística Empresarial (ARLOG) in Buenos Aires, followed by an International Logistics Training Program in London. With extensive experience in International Business, Negotiation, Marketing, and Logistics, he provides assessment in the following industries: Oil, Chemical & Pharma, Food, and Retail. He has offered a series of courses and seminars to multinational companies and public offices in Argentina and other Latin American countries to provide training for team leaders in new systems implementation, and organizational change management.

Erick Domogma
Sales & Purchasing Manager, San Diego, California, USA
Our highly proactive team member with over nine years of sales experience, leadership, and customer interaction in the Food & Agricultural industry, his background is key to our international sales efforts, which include telemarketing strategies, and customer-service management. While providing excellent customer service and keeping a professional working environment., his exceptional communication skills, along with his fluency in English and Spanish, have been key in our company’s success in foreign markets, particularly in México and Brazil.

Panama City

Kinesis in Markets

  • Facilitated the acquisition of the Minnesota International Trade Award, which honors companies that have shown exceptional progress and success in foreign markets and are committed to job growth through exportation, recognizing the positive effect that exportation and trade has on the state’s overall economy.
  • Business trips to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cascavel, and Sorocaba, Brazil to assist clients in strengthening manufacturing & sales operations on a monthly basis in 2015. Recent contributions to market expansions efforts are:
  • Met with distributors to discuss strategic plan for Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Participated to find additional distribution channels for South America at Hospitalar, largest Health Care Expo in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Participated in Trade Mission to Mexico City, Monterey, and Guadalajara, representing two Midwest-based Companies with the Council of Great Lakes Governors (CGLG) Office
  • Returned to Mexico City and Mérida to establish a viable distribution channel for clients, following our success during Trade Mission with the CGLG
  • Expanded markets to Middle East during in ARAB Health: Global healthcare Exhibition and Congress at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, in the United Arab Emirates
  • Business trips to Lima, Perú to meet with distributors, and present new products at the National Police Hospital as well as the National Fire Department, and other potential buyers in the medical field
  • Security Expo, Santiago de Chile
  • Congreso Brasileiro Das Ligas Do Trauma, Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • National Red Cross Expo, Chihuahua, México
  • 5ta Jornada de Emergência e Trauma, São Paulo, Brasil
  • EXPOMEDICAL Trade Show, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • SICUR Latinoamérica Expo, where we received national media coverage as we introduced innovative technology to the country at the capital, Santiago de Chile
  • FIME Trade Show: International Medical Exposition, Miami, Florida
  • APAS Trade Show: Expo and Congress for Supermarkets Businesses, São Paulo, Brasil
  • WCPT SAR Trade Show: World Confederation for Physical Therapy for the South American Region, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • CSM: Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, Anaheim, California
  • CONVERTERS EXPO, Greenbay, Wisconsin
  • MD&M Expo: Medical Desing and Manufacturing, Minneapolis, MN
Mexico City

Our Founder – KIMMA’s Genesis

As the oldest of seven children growing up in the bicultural environment of Tijuana, México and San Diego, California for sixteen years, Cristina experienced the struggles that businesses face in the absence of a safety net that small companies generally encounter in emerging economies. Her father’s former business, which imported raw materials from Los Angeles to manufacture in Mexico, whose final products were later exported to the United States, was negatively affected by North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA’s policies did not leave room nor provide the necessary tools to preserve the existence of small companies along the US-Mexican border. As the daughter of first-generation immigrants who moved to this country in search of financial stability, she has a personal commitment to helping other businesses overcome the debilitating effects that some policies may have in sustaining the existence, as well as promoting the growth of small companies. Moving to this country exposed Cristina to the value of education, a process that impacted her life.

Upon finishing her by Bachelors at the University of Washington (Seattle), from which she doubled major in International relations with a focus in Latin American Studies, Spanish with Departmental Honors, and a minor in Human Rights, she worked as a Policy Analyst for the California Department of Food & Agriculture in the Trade & Development department during the Schwarzenegger administration. Of particular note was her selection as a fellow of the Institute of International Public Policy and University of Washington’s SMD Education Program. Each of these experiences provided Cristina with a chance to explore a variety of topic areas, e.g. international policy analysis and importance of health care access, that she quite enjoys combining in various ways. As a way both to expand her knowledge and promote innovative forms of US intervention in Latin America, she obtained a Masters Degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies to explore the trading developing policies promoted by the US Department of Food & Agriculture and other industries. Given the changing nature of our economy over the last decade, her exposure to the operating strategies negotiated within the Policy Development Department at the California Department of Food & Agriculture have allowed her to better understand the concurrent role of political and economic agencies in the global transformation challenges faced by her generation.

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Mailing address: PO Box 17370-990 Saint Paul, MN 55117
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